The Cost of Wedding Music

Budgeting for your wedding musicians.

  • Solo Musicians – A professional solo act or duet is likely to be around £200-£300 plus expenses for a 1-hour set. If you intend to book longer performances expect musicians to take a 10-15 minute break between 45-minute sets and be paid £50-100 per hour after the first hour. Most solo acts are likely to have a maximum of three 45 minute sets.
  • Wedding Band – A three piece band is more likely to start from £750 upwards with most professional bands charging £1000+. The most common sized band, is a four piece band and you can expect to pay around £1250 for two hours worth of evening sets. The more musicians involved in a band, the higher their overall running costs will be. Bands need amplification and a PA system which they will usually provide but this will require setting up time and can require plenty of space so consider the size of your venue and expect setting up/ packing down time to be included in the quote.
  • Book local – If possible keep travel costs low and eliminate the need for accommodation for your musicians by booking local. One exception here might be if you are planning a wedding in or around London; it can often be cheaper to book musicians and bands from outside of the city because of the extra cost of rehearsal rooms, equipment and the general cost of living that city centre dwellers will have to endure!
  • Another important thing to think about is when you require music. Solo acts and duets can be great to add atmosphere during your ceremony, at a drinks reception and during the wedding breakfast whilst a good live band can make an evening reception really come to life. For a small percentage of your overall wedding budget live music is great value, heightening the emotions of the day like a soundtrack does for a great film. Live music shapes the way you and your guests experience your wedding day and I would always recommend giving your music options some serious thought before booking.