About Handpans

top down view of a circular handpan

“Handpans” as they are often collectively known, are a group of instruments’ inspired by the original “Hang” which was produced between 2001 and 2013 by PanArt Hangbau AG.

The Hang (often incorrectly called a Hangdrum) is no longer produced yet other builders continue to create instruments in its form.

I play a “Halo” made in the USA made by Pantheon Steel and an “AsaChan” (Pictured right) made by Swiss manufacturer EchoSoundSculpture GmbH. They are completely handmade by very skilled builders and tuners making handpans’ few and far between.

The instrument is made from two nitrided steel shells which are glued together at the rim creating a resonating chamber of air inside. On the top shell, between seven and nine ‘tone fields’ or notes are hand hammered into tune around a central low note called the ‘Ding’. The bottom surface simply has a hole in the centre and nothing is placed inside of the instrument.