Handpan at Your Wedding

Two UFO shaped steel handpans side by side

Handpans are a new and exciting instrument still relatively undiscovered by most of the general public. Booking a Handpan player for your wedding or ceremony gives your guests the opportunity to discover the amazing and intriguing sounds of the instrument on your wedding day. Expose them to something new that will leave an impression whilst you have your photographs taken or as you are signing the register.

Handpans are calming and relaxing instruments, sounding not too dissimilar to a Harp in the way notes ring out when played, the mellow tones are soft and soothing to hear yet they also have a range of percussive sounds to add further depth and texture to the overall sound. From sincere and atmospheric during the ceromony to upbeat and fun at a drinks reception, the instrument can be played in a range of styles.

The Handpan is truely unique in both its appearance and sound which can create a beautiful ambiance during your ceremony, drinks reception or wedding breakfast.