Experience the Music!

Booking the right musicians for your venue.

In order to get the best experience of the musicians that you choose to book, you should ensure that you have considered a few simple external factors such as where you put them.

  • Weather – Most if not all musical instruments (and musicians!) are sensitive to the environment that they are put in. To get the best sound and therefore the best experience from you and your guests point of view, performers need to ideally positioned in a stable and warm environment. Instruments can’t handle sudden changes of temperature and often go out of tune if they are put in direct sunlight or exposed to cold winds. The sound can be distorted by wind also and instruments can obviously be damaged by rain so consider placement.
  • Acoustics – The size of a venue and the volume of your musicians need to be matched. Book solo acts for intimate venues and duos, trios or bands if the room is larger. Alternatively you can arrange a PA system or check with your venue to see if they have one to amplify smaller acts in larger spaces. Corners of rooms and concaved spaces can also naturally amplify acoustic instruments and can sound incredibly impressive in some cases. Find out if the venue has naturally reverberant acoustics and position your musicians appropriately.
  • Space – Consider all musical and amplification equipment aswell as the musicians themselves. Make sure musicians aren’t elbow to elbow as this may restrict their playing ability. Your Elvis impersonator will not be able to do his best Rubber Legs if he doesn’t have the space he needs!